Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing

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Ring Resizing

Every ring purchased from Adeva Jewellery (AJ) is entitled to a complimentary one-time resizing. Further ring resizing cost varies depending on the piece of jewellery, sizes needed up or down, karat weight and metal color. Kindly contact us to get an estimated quote.

The Process

To make a ring smaller, our goldsmith usually cuts out a small piece of the band and then solders it back together and returned to its original shape.

When a ring is made larger, the band is either stretched or it is cut and additional gold – as needed to reach the proper size – is added and soldered onto the band.

The ring is then given an on-the-house clean and polish and our experienced craftsmen return your ring to its initial splendour.

Adeva Jewellery is glad to help you determine the right ring size for you.

Useful Tips

  • The best time to measure a finger is at the end of the day (our hands/fingers change in size throughout the day).
  • If the knuckle (finger joint) is significantly bigger, take 2 measurements and pick a size in between. The ring needs to fit over the knuckle but shouldn’t be too loose.
  • Make sure the finger is at normal body temperature. Fingers can expand or shrink when cold or hot.
  • Measure the actual finger you plan to put the ring on.
  • Rings with wider bands fit a bit tighter. If you plan to measure one of your partner’s rings, measure one with a similar width as the ring you plan to purchase.