Top Ways Make Your Engagement Ring Extra Special [Infographic]

There are a few great ways that you can go about making your engagement ring extra special, as well as the wedding band which you will be wearing on the day of your wedding. And one of the most popular ways is by making your ring custom-made. It will show that you went the extra mile when it comes to your wedding band, affirming your genuine love for your partner.

However, although this type of engagement ring design is based on your idea, a custom-made piece of jewellery can be a little tricky as it offers a vast range of designs. Fortunately, we have come up with a compilation of the best ideas to give your custom-made engagement ring the best look, uniqueness, and personal touch.

Engraved Messages You can start with something symbolic to you both, like an inscription into the inside of the band. You can either create a personal message or take a line from one of your favourite poems or quotes. Another popular way people get their rings customised is through engraving. You can also find many companies that can engrave names, dates, messages, and other types of special symbols into their rings. No matter which way you choose to go, you will not regret the decision as it will mean something to you both.

Personally Selected GemstonesCustom-made engagement rings are not as standard as you might think, and these are only used when one wants to add a little something special to their ring. These can be done in various ways, from simply adding an extra gemstone to the traditional setting of precious metal to having your engagement ring designed around an attractive shape or style of a gemstone. The choice is yours, and no one else has to tell you that it’s not the “style” of your ring that makes it so unique.

What makes a custom-made engagement ring unique is your distinctive design and taste for jewellery. Some people just like simple gemstones, while others like to go all out and have diamonds, rubies, or other high-quality gemstones in the setting of their custom-made engagement ring. Your choice in what you want for the ring is what makes it so unique and special. You can use any gemstones you wish; you don’t have to stick with only diamonds.

Your Choice of MetalYou might also consider the type of metal you would like to have the ring made from. While gold and platinum are the most used metals for rings, you can also consider white gold, titanium, silver Luanda Tungsten. Take your time when considering what makes a custom-made engagement ring unique. If you are going with traditional settings, you should keep in mind what your ring will look like before choosing the material. Keep in mind that if you have your ring designed around a gemstone with a fancy setting, the band will be wider at the bottom and may have other designs to help enhance the gemstone.

CONCLUSION: Making your ring special and unique does not have to be difficult if you know how to go about doing it. There are a lot of ways that you can make the ring distinctive from others, and among the best is by choosing the engagement ring that you are going to be wearing as your wedding ring and finding a company that will help you engrave your name and your partner’s in the rings.

You will be glad that you took the time to find a company that will properly execute your design, ensuring that the rings are extra special and something that you will definitely enjoy and treasure for many years to come. Apart from being a piece of jewellery that you will look at every day, your custom-made ring will be a symbol of your new relationship and a great way to show your partner just how much you care about them.

There is no reason not to be extra when it comes to engagement rings. These symbolise a commitment between two people to spend the rest of their lives together, even if it is only a physical commitment. The engagement signifies a contract that the two parties signed to live and to be married. The ring, thus, is the symbolic representation of the marriage contract. In some cultures, an engagement is considered to be more significant than a wedding.

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