2021 Engagement Ring Trends [Infographics]

Engagement rings did not always entail sparkling, intricate chunky gems or heartfelt proclamations of romance. In fact, the first history of engagement rings was actually pretty romantic. The ring was created for a woman as a symbol of commitment and love and as such there was quite a bit of back and forth sharing of feelings and thoughts.

The history of engagement has a lot to do with the culture in which it was created and indeed the time period in which it was created. For instance, if it was a rather common thing to give an engagement ring to a wife on the day that she could potentially marry a groom, then the ring would have been given to the groom as a sign that they were indeed getting married. And if the groom was wealthy, he might have purchased the ring already and presented it to his future bride as a sort of formal presentation of the marriage contract itself. There are even some interesting stories of how the actual stones were selected. For instance, in ancient times, if a bride found a particularly lovely diamond but could not afford to buy it, then the woman would allow the groom to cut and shape the stone to her specification in order to present it as a wedding ring. However, through time jewellery collection have evolved into a whole new assortment of bijous that has been growing its popularity in the market.

Planning to purchase an engagement for your beloved? Better check out some of the current engagement ring collection on the market from below.

The Classic Band Style

A classic style that has been growing its popularity over the last decade is the band style engagement rings. This band style has the classic look of the Victorian era and is the same shape as the vintage rings. It is also common to find this type of ring combined with precious stones and the classic cut to create something new and contemporary.

European Inspired DesignAs we move into the 21st century, we will see many more classic Heirloom-Inspired Old European engagement rings that are inspired by European history. Rings that feature beautiful, unique, and intricate cuts will be the most popular. Heirloom-inspired rings will have one of two specific characteristics. Usually, these rings will be extremely thick and heavy, and they will feature a “diamond” setting which has been cut in stone from previous civilizations such as Egypt, Persia, and Greece.

The Two Piece Band We also have timeless classic styles like the two-piece band style engagement rings. These are a great alternative to the standard three-piece band style engagement rings because two piece bands usually have a smaller overall size. These are one of the most popular and traditional of all the 21st century engagement ring trends that we will see.

The Art DecoAs the name suggests the Art Deco style of design is one of the most popular of all the trending designs currently available for rings. This design has its origins on the Art Deco period, which was in the late 19th century. The diamonds used in these designs are often very big and sparkly and the centerpiece of the ring. For women who want something a little different than the standard solitaire diamond engagement ring the Art Deco style is the perfect choice. Another great thing about these designs is that they look extremely well as rings with large diamonds in them.

Three Stone Engagement RingThese three-stone engagement rings are also among the most popular in the modern jewellery market right now. They are known by the names eternity, trio or quartet and so on because each individual stone in these styles can represent a different letter of the alphabet. Some of the more common three-stone styles are the archer, hunter, Marquis and so on. These classic engagement rings are also very much in demand at the moment and they make great gifts too.

Conclusion: Every precious ring like engagement rings must be of high quality not because it will make you feel better about the price you’re wearing but because it makes you feel loved and special. It is important to purchase your jewellery from a reliable store, as they can rest assured that each material they use will be at its best quality.

If you’re looking for the best to customize or personalize the design of your engagement ring can try to visit some local jewelers and ask for their help regarding the products and styles that are available in the market and what makes these rings the best. In this way, you will be able to know what exactly suits your personality and your budget. Most of the local jewelers would suggest you their favorite styles and their prices and if you are willing to spend a little more you will also be able to find earrings and rings with diamond studs and other gemstones attached with it.

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