5 Hacks On How to Save Your Jewelry’s Quality at Home (Infographics)

Jewelry has been around for quite some time now it even plays a huge part in our history. Its beauty has travelled the world, making it one of the ideal gifts. Although development and amendments have happened, jewelry has managed to stay in demand on the industry.

Its glamour and beauty are what makes it hard to resist which is why in every corner of the globe there’s no way you can see at least one person who’s in love with its fantastic features. However, although there is good news regarding the pandemic, people are still strictly advised to stay inside their home as much as possible. This particular matter has left all the jewelry lovers wondering what the best ways to preserve the excellent quality of their beloved bijous are.

Since the holiday season is about to come, it’s the best time to show off your gorgeous jewelry collections. But are you sure your jewelry has what it takes to be the center of attraction? Better be confident that each piece will achieve its good as new semblance to be holiday-ready with the following top hacks we have compiled from below.

  1. Ammonia Soaking

There is various stuff you can find in your home that can help you keep the shine and glimmer of your precious stones. We all know that diamond won’t work in maintaining its lustre. Look out for at least ¼ cup of ammonia and a cup of warm water. After mixing the solution, soak your diamond jewelry for at least 15 minutes. After this process, you can now brush off all the buildups that stop it from shining with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This process works in eliminating the grime on your diamonds fissures, setting and the underneath dirt buildups giving a shining, shimmering look.

  1. Vinegar Wonders

You might recognize this as one of the standard condiments inside your cookery, but there’s more to white vinegar than being a simple ingredient on your daily meal.

Cleaning process with white vinegar is much easier than ammonia. There’s no need for warm water or solution measurements. Put your gemstone on a container full of white vinegar. Stir for a while and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. It may not be necessary, but if you want to achieve that full shine, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush for better polish.

  1. Antacid Vs Filthy Trinkets

Out of white vinegar? Check out your medicine shelve maybe you have that bubbling power of antacid. One of the simplest ways to bring back the beauty of your jewelry is mixing this stomach-soothing agent with warm water also help get rid of that unwanted particles and dirt buildups on your favorite bijou. Just put your jewelry and let it sit for a couple of minutes with this powerful solution then rinse. You can now binge with your fresh as new looking jewelry at no time.

  1. Tarnished Silver and Aluminum Foil

Are you tired of thinking what can help you restore the quality of your tired and old looking silver jewelries? Then maybe you never notice the benefits of aluminum foil getting stocked on your storage room.

First, place your crumpled aluminum foil and jewelry in an empty tray then sprinkle baking soda before pouring boiling water over. This procedure helps transfer the tarnish from your silver jewelry to the crumpled foil. For better results move around your silver jewelry around to make sure each part will get in touch with the crumpled foil then rinse it with water.

  1. The greatness of Soap and Water

Every jewelry lover knows how important it is to carefully look after the chemicals and procedures when it comes in cleaning soft and porous jewelry materials. If you wanted to keep the excellent quality of your pearls and turquoise but is stocked at home, you can use soap and warm water for cleaning. A quick dip on mild detergents with warm water can help remove the dirt on your favorite pearl jewelry. For a better shine, gently wipe in with soft or cotton cloth, then let it dry. And, for turquoise use, a soft-bristled toothbrush and dip in warm water then brush out the dirt in your jewelry. Let it take its time to dry for hours before placing it to its storage to avoid any damage.

Conclusion: Having a trusted jewelry cleaner sure is an advantage, but with situations like the current pandemic it is vital that you also know some essential hacks that can save your day and maintain a good quality of your beloved jewelry. Moreover, it is better to invest in jewelries with the best of qualities from a reliable jeweller so you can guarantee its beauty won’t fade that easily.

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