Her Jewelry: Methods to Keep Your Bijous Shiny and Germ-Free

We’re very much aware of the importance of being meticulous in personal hygiene, particularly in your hands. But, wearing your finger and wrist jewelry while washing your hands with or using sanitizer would be enough to keep them germ-free as well? Getting acquainted with the right way of cleansing and sanitizing your jewelry is also essential. However, while strong chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, and chlorine are on the list of the leading disinfectants, its components might harm your jewelry.

Every woman’s compassion towards their jewelry is incomparable, most certainly the sentimental ones. However, with the danger of spreading germs through anything we touch or make contact with, wearing jewelry might be an issue. As per the fact that the COVID-19 virus can be acquired from almost everything we touch every day, including jewelry, its quality will drop as we utilize harmful sanitizer chemicals while wearing them.

Don’t let health and safety measures get in our way of showing glamour with jewelry and get educated with the right ways to keep your precious bijous germ-free as we have compiled some helpful details this article.

Washing alone while wearing your hand jewelry won’t help prevent the germs from spreading all over your beloved bijous, which is why everyone is advised to sanitize their jewelry singly. However, organic gems and pearls do not get along the same as alcohol content on sanitizers and gems as they can cause damage or, worse, cracking. Using standard hand sanitizers on porous stones such as turquoise will also be an issue.

Jewelries with dirt buildup is one of the easiest targets of germs causing diseases. Hence, it is imperative to start with ensuring each of your jewelry has no tarnish nor dirt buildups. Although visiting your trusted jewelry cleaner might not be possible due to the current situation, there are many ways to keep your jewelry clean and good as new at home.

Many hidden gems in your kitchen can help from baking soda to dish detergent, beer, and club soda; you’ll achieve the shine and dirt-free jewelry even at home. After ensuring each of your jewelry is dirt free the next and most important process is the disinfection. But, jewelry owners should know that not all jewelry materials would work well with some top products for disinfection.

After bringing back the shine and getting rid of dirt and other tarnish buildups on your jewelry, the next process is the most important one: the disinfection. Many people are hesitant in using alcohol, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide for jewelry disinfection due to the potential damage it can cause to the jewelry. Fortunately, not every material is sensitive to the following chemicals. For instance, solid gold, platinum, and other natural stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires commonly seen in many jewelries can withstand the strong chemicals from disinfectants.

Apart from high quality and suitable materials, appropriate knowledge and proper maintenance of jewelry are important, especially when it comes to sentimental value. So if you’re searching for a reliable jewelry store where you can find the best jewelry in Philippines, don’t hesitate to check out Adeva Jewellery today! Contact us at (02) 655-08-76 or email us directly at Adeva.Jewellery@gmail.com.


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