How to Conduct the Best Engagement Proposal with New Normal – Infographics

Although the current situation has taken away our right to enjoy nature outside and get into remarkable places, it lets us explore our creativity when it comes to making things special while safe and sound at home.

On the other and, despite the fun outside is on hold due to pandemic, love continues to flow everywhere. While flash-mobs and other outdoor activities ideal for proposals are out of the window with the new normal setup, self-isolation and social distancing never stop the love from flowing everywhere. Couples at home are breaking the usual fancy dates on their favorite place and restaurants as they get creative with spending special moments at home. From surprise anniversary dinners down to the most creative way to propose for their loved ones, everyone is getting creative throughout the home quarantine.

Are you one of those who still worry about having the best engagement proposal with the new normal setup in the Philippines? Better check out some of the tips we’ve got for your quarantine proposal from below.

Have the Most Exquisite Engagement Ring

Couples are unstoppable when it comes to spreading love and creativity in carrying out engagement proposals, regardless of the challenge because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, one of the most important parts is choosing the best features for your engagement ring.

Although love does not rely on extravagant materials, engagement rings are always an exception as it is the symbol of your commitment, passion, and dedication towards your loved ones. Engagement rings are a true image of beauty and representation of the journey ahead that you want to embark on and share with the love of your life. However, its significance also requires the best quality and features; thus, it is vital to consider purchasing your engagement ring on your trusted jeweler. Furthermore, for a more personalized touch on your engagement ring, better look for a custom jewelry maker.

Practical Romance Over Extravagance

Some people tend to think that the best engagement proposal varies with great cost and class, but the real thing is the best proposal is when you have a pure intention, sincere feelings and the dedication to offer your love towards each other. Even though the current situation might affect your previous plans for your proposal, it is still possible to conduct the best proposal even with the restrictions.

Who says your home is not an ideal place to pull out a romantic engagement proposal?

There’s nothing more romantic than exerting effort into preparing your version of your favorite cuisine in your dearie restaurant to match a starry-eyed scene inside your home. Also, for a more romantic touch, don’t forget about the flowers on the path and candles to keep your night warm and colorful. Ask for a little assistance from your family or friends as it won’t be completed without documenting everything with photos and videos.

Make it Magical and Surprising

Don’t forget to list down some of the small touches, such as hanging pictures of your memorable experience or making a presentation of videos and images of the two of you spending quality time together. With this idea, you can make your loved ones feel the enjoyment of the outside world and why they stay home and safe.

You can also come up with Disney like proposals where you can spend quality time dancing along with a romantic song and sharing a very special night before kneeling and surprising her with the finest engagement ring. This idea will surely make your loved ones feel special and captivated by the moment.

Conclusion: As they say, love can conquer all, which means even a COVID-19 pandemic can never stop anyone from expressing their love. Don’t hesitate to explore your creativeness and conduct the best engagement proposal, even with the new normal setup. Moreover, better choose the best custom jewelry maker in the Philippines so you can rest assured that aside from good quality is the finest and personalized features that will make your engagement ring special.


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