Show your Infinite Love Despite Pandemic

While the global pandemic requires social distancing, the couple’s creativity never fails in keeping the attachment and bond even when apart.

COVID-19 has caused an alarming percentage of deaths, business fall downs, and loss of hope for some as it keeps us from getting outside and living our lives the way we use to be. However, although everyone is now facing various struggles and downfalls, don’t let the negativity drive you away from the strong connection you have built together with the love of your life.  

While spending an overwhelming time together might drive you both crazy, it’s important to always look for the bright side of things. Luckily we have gathered some tips from below to help you keep the harmony in your relationship during the pandemic.

Don’t Miss Marking your Calendar

Talking about being stir-crazy? Just imagine spending months at the same place.

As stated by the director of Clinical Services, Sex and Gender Clinic, Chris Kraft, “Even committed couples can start to become lethargic and lose sense of time, asking themselves, what day is it? A sense of monotony can cause a numbness to feelings, which is part of coping with so much uncertainty in the world right now.” Thus it is important to exert a little effort in making each day or week memorable.

Activities such as Friday night games can help keep up the fondness between the two of you. Also, since the current situation may prevent you from visiting your favorite restaurant for special dinner nights, why not try to make your version of your favorite cuisine and share a romantic night. These concepts are only a few of the ideas we tend to neglect as we tend to enjoy much of the places and features the outside world offers.

Keep the Bond and don’t Forget about Relaxation

Kraft also stated, “Self-care is essential. With everyone’s schedule changed, it’s important to establish and maintain some kind of a routine.”

Work from home might look so easy, but hazards are also around. After a long and tiring day of working from home, it is important to take some time with your loved ones to relax and cherish a little moment. From skincare routines to maintaining regular sleep hours and performing indoor health activities together, it’s better always to consider doing everything together. This way, you can both enjoy our free time and make some memories at home safely and sound.

Make Time for Little Surprises

Although shopping in malls or visiting your favorite places is restricted, there are tons of ways to make your loved ones feel special on your special days.

There’s nothing more romantic than arranging a little restaurant like ambiance inside your home full of flowers and surrounded by candles. You can also offer him/her something to wear that will always remind them of the love you have, such as customized jewelry for a more personalized touch.

There’s more to what you think is a boring life inside your home, just let your creativity work on the magic to keep your relationship with your loved ones much stronger.

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