Ways to Spend Anniversary while at Home Quarantine – Infographic

Celebrating long, meaningful, and memorable years of sharing love with your loved ones is one of the best things a couple could ever experience, which explains why anniversaries are considered exceptional. However, with the current condition of the society since the surge of the Novel Corona Virus worldwide, many establishments, including restaurants and famous dating sites, are advised to be shut down. Authorities suggested people stay at home for safety measures as the virus is said to be contagious.

Social distancing is being implemented at all costs to prevent the virus from spreading. But, this situation doesn’t stop the public from spreading love from a distance. People are getting creative with their way of expressing love and celebrating anniversaries in the middle of quarantine.

Are you having any upcoming anniversary with your loved ones? Check out some fresh ideas to spend the anniversary during quarantine from a distance as we have compiled some tips for you from below.

Put some Ink on that Love Letter

This idea may sound so old, but believing it or not sending and receiving letters can still make any person feel heart warmed.

If the distance doesn’t let you express your love in person, let your letter speak for your feelings and words, simply putting your thoughts and soul-stirring message on a note. Apart from being an ideal way to convey your feelings, this concept is also a very romantic way to make them feel appreciated.

Dinner Takeout from Your Favorite Restaurant

Speaking of romantic ideas, why not set up a date from a part. For lovers who are struggling to get together due to travel restrictions setting up a virtual romantic date by ordering dinner from your favorite restaurant. Since food brings any person together, so why not bring the feeling and express love through a meaningful dinner with your loved ones; as they say, it’s the memory and experience that counts the most.

Send Gifts with Personal Touch

Giving a gift can also be an excellent idea to send some love and affection while keeping a distance for both of your safety. If the current situation left you no choice but to stay home and celebrate your love anniversary apart, it would be a great choice to let them know you care by sending presents such as customized jewelry.

Apart from custom jewelry lets, you have any design you might desire this item also let you send short but sweet messages. With bijous such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces, you can request your trusted jeweler to engrave any short and sweet message or any memorable date.

Make Your Night Warm with a Bottle of Champagne

Trombetti once said, “Remember: It’s a special day, and that calls for a special toast to each other to stop and mark the time and commitment,”.

While staying outside is not allowed, why not try to bring back the feeling of spending quality time by browsing out some memories with a bottle of wine.

Bring Home the Theater Feels

Who says watching your favorite movie together at home is boring?

Hop up and surprise your loved ones with a romantic theater setup at home for your anniversary. Instead, popcorn and the usual drinks put on some effort in preparing both of your favorite food and sharing a bottle of wine. Apart from it’s safer to stay at home, this idea also lets you enjoy the quality time together away from the crowd as it allows you to have some alone time together for an exceptional day.

Conclusion: While the ongoing situation may challenge your relationship from a distance, don’t let your loved ones feel unappreciated on your anniversary. There’s a lot of things to enjoy and cherish while at home don’t let distance stop you from expressing love. With your creativity and a reliable product provider, rest assured that you can spend the best anniversary even in the middle of quarantine.

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