Custom Jewelries for Self Expression

Even in prehistoric times, jewelry was considered as a universal form of adornment. However, before the rise of premium precious metals and stones, the ancient cultures use shells, bones, and woods to reckon on metaphysical properties strongly.   

While trinkets are symbolizing one’s power toward society in history, the modern jewelry industry is launching jewelry inspired by self-expression and fashion styles. As it is composed of multilayered components and gemstones, today’s jewelry trend has earned a valuable spot in the fashion industry. Moreover, its sophisticated features that work great with expressing one’s personality and sending messages through customization have brought it to the limelight. 

Are you looking for the best custom jewelry to help you express your personality? Feel free to explore as we have compiled some of the most excellent choices from below!

Identification Pendant

Name Pendant- There’s nothing more to expressing your individuality through the custom made pendant. This customized necklace can come in both horizontal and vertical pendant hanging position. Considered the best gifts for your loved ones, they will always have it attached near their heart, a great reminder of their importance and love. Moreover, adding crushed gemstones or transparent enamel would be excellent if you desire to give it a little touch of color.

Carved Sentimental Personal Information- With bar pendants, you have the freedom to choose what to remind your loved ones. This type of pendant allows you to put in words any sentimental dates or desired message from their birthdate to the most special day for both of you.  

You can always explore the best of its designs from carved to inscribed pendants.


Birthstone as pendants for your necklace is also one of the best ways to express yourself through jewelry. Various myths and legends abound with the gemstone’s glamour and power. This type of pendant usually is composed of multi-stone or solitaire. Furthermore, history has shown how it is traditionally affiliated with each month of the year. 

Solitaire Birthstone- when it comes to creating a perfect solitaire, pendant better seek for a jeweler who can work on prongs or bezel as well as jewelry bails to make an ideal setting for our birthstone. You can also try to add a little life with small diamonds as it works on emphasizing the beauty of your birthstone. 

Multi-Stone Birthstone- If you desire to have the multi-stone pendant, it is best to choose flat and shaped designs, you want for its setting. What’s excellent with multi-stone pendant is you have a wide range of choices on what to include with your birthstone. You can as well surround it with the birthstones of your loved ones or any family member. 

Photo Pendant

What’s more to having a necklace with an exceptional image inside its pendant. Perfect for birthday gifts, anniversaries as well as self-expression, photo pendants are known with their old fashion but classy and glorious beauty. Furthermore, you can also include special dates and messages on the other side of your pendant. 

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