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If you’re looking for a glamourous yet straightforward way to fancy your outfit of the day, wearing accessories can save your day. Having jewelries that complements your looks is a smart way to appear elegant in an effortless way.

Although currently, jewelry is being utilized to highlight visual appeal, throughout history, they provide more than just aesthetics. Previously jewels are used as a symbol of one’s social rank, power, the civil state as well as accession within a clan.

Prior to Philippine history, ornaments are widespread in tribes and barangays during the Spaniard colonization. Previous mythical ornaments such as agimat and anting-anting are weaved with the religious beliefs and ceremonies, while the modern jewelries are bounded with work of art and panache.

On the other hand, jewelries have made a massive impact in the fashion industry; runways are filled with the glamour and grace of various jewelry. However, although a wide range of options is a great idea, not everything can be worn all at once and will suit your OOTD. Each piece is designed to suit particular styles and looks.

Fortunately, we have come up with the list of ideal jewelry that will go well with your outfits on any occasion from the infographic below.

Casual Dress

When it comes to casual events, small gatherings, or catching up with friends wearing jewelries that makes you comfortable and happy is an essential factor. Feel free to pick something full of colors and fun to see like a necklace with a pendant or a jewelry that has a personal touch on it, such as your birthstone. Earrings with lovely colors can also hit the road with a cheerfulness that lets you enjoy the fun of the day with your friends. 

On the Job Outfits

As per the fact that specific rules may regulate, expressing your fun in fashion and jewelries can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean wearing one is not possible. Having simple and low key ornaments is the best. Keep yourself from wearing chunky and eye-catching jewelries it can cause distractions and get in your way while doing your job. You can always enjoy selecting from your collection of gold and silver jewelries with simple but pretty features. Adding a little color on your OOTD can also work on creating a classy and fashionable look.

Ideal look for Festivities 

The weekend is always the day for parties, unwinding, and other festivities, which makes it the best day to enjoy wearing the best jewelries that define your personality. Be playful in picking diamond earrings with flashy looks, an appealing necklace, or daring cocktail ring. Its shining, shimmering beauty makes you shine and sets the party ambiance with its bright magnificence. Party time is a fun time, don’t let your doubts in product name hold you back in enjoying every minute of feeling free to wear your best jewelry and enjoy the night!

High-Profile Occasions

If big and formal occasions, make you think twice on what’s the best jewelry to wear, worry no more! 

Walking the entrance with your favorite classic and graceful jewelry collection. Wearing pearls can help you look more refined and marvelous. Moreover, it can go with any color or style of outfit you may pick. Let their heads turn as you pair your dress with complementing bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Having antique jewelry is also a great idea; with its class and history, it can never go wrong in this kind of occasion.

Conclusion: Its dashing beauty and exquisite character are what make every piece of jewelry special. However, there are certainly significant factors you’ll need to consider before purchasing one of which is its quality. Better seek for the best jewelry store in Philippines so you can guarantee each work of art is worth the purchase.

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Source: https://www.catawiki.com/stories/4989-how-to-select-jewellery-for-any-occasion


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