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Jewelries will always be a part of every special event of our life; its exceptional beauty can attract anyone creating a magical glow to anyone who’s wearing it and earrings is one of them.

As documented in history, there has been a long list of embellishments for ears beautification, which makes it the leading bijou. Its fancy shapes and glamorous shades, as well as designs, drives its popularity to the limelight, particularly on runways. The term earrings are referred to ornaments being worn or are attached to the earlobes. However, as the 20th century takes place, earrings evolved into ornaments used to decorate cars, ear cuffs, and even pieces of jewelries for body piercing.

It even expanded to different styles, designs, types, and uses but remains on the mainstream with its exceptional beauty. Although various designs are on the market place today, not all of them can be worn comfortably and will suit your looks, particularly your face shape. Luckily, we have compiled some essential information that can help you in choosing the best earrings that will suit your face shape.

Round Face Shape

If you have wide cheekbones and close to the length of the tip of your nose with round chin line, you have a round face shape. The best earrings to wear that will help in creating an elongated look for your face shape is dropped and chandelier earrings. It will work on keeping the balance look and drawing a streamlined effect on your face.

Oval Face Shape

On the other hand, if you have a wider forehead and a well-rounded jawline narrowing your chin, you have an oval face shape. This type of face shape is considered the luckiest one as it works with almost all kinds of earrings.

Earrings such as the teardrop will work on keeping a balance contour effect, while the studs, rounded earrings, and pearls are the ones designed to accentuate and broaden your looks. So feel free to hit any of your styles with a wide range of jewelry options.

Square Face Shape

This type of face shape has a similar width of forehead and jawline that can come with a flat or square chin. Usually, persons with this type of face shape have a forehead that is straight along their hairline.

It is much advisable to wear hoop, rounded, or drop earrings to create a stunning look that will work on balancing the angles of your face.

Heart Face Shape

A person with this kind of face shape commonly has a broader forehead width than their jawline and pointed chin creating an inverted triangular look on their face.

Dangling and round bottom earrings are the best ones for this type of face shape, as it works on reducing angles around your chin, making it look round. It will also be a great idea to wear chandelier or teardrop; it helps in uplifting your looks.

Diamond Face Shape

If your cheekbone is the center of attention on your face, more extensive than your forehead and chin, you have a diamond face shape. All types of stud earrings will work well on your face as well as earrings that are just long enough to get above your chin work well on adding natural beauty to your appearance.

Long Face Shape

This type of face shape is narrowed and a little lengthy, which allows you to wear dangle earrings with a round bottom. It adds the curves and roundness you need to balance your face shape. You can also try wearing studs; it adds elegance to your looks.

Conclusion: You always have the right to explore and enjoy giving yourself a little glamour by wearing jewelries. However, although there might be a wide range of options, not everything will work well on your personality and looks, which makes it better to choose wisely. The best jewelries vary with a reliable jewelry store.

If you’re looking for a jewelry that will suit your taste, seek the best custom jewelry maker in the Philippines.



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