5 Finest Metals for Customized Jewelleries

Jewelry is one of the gorgeous things that our ancestors have discovered; from binding rings for a wedding to the most current ones it continues in evolving every season. However, if you ever think of what makes an excellent metal for your customize jewellery in the Philippines better read further to know some facts about the leading metals in jewellery making from below.


Just like the silver metal gold is also mixed with other elements creating magnificent shades of gold. Items are commonly silver, nickel, zinc and even copper. Gold contents are measure in Karats (K). It measures the proportion of gold combined to create a one of a kind jewellery.

The highest gold content in every jewellery is 24K, however same as silver to much gold content results to soft and prone to deformation products.

Yellow is what represents the pure gold colour while the white shade is composed of combined nickel, palladium and silver. On the other hand, the rose gold colour is made of a high proportion of copper and 24K gold.

With its fabulous shades, gold has been recognized best for jewelleries used in wedding or engagement rings, earrings and necklaces.


Not everyone will know, but platinum is one of the best metals for jewelleries which explains its sharp price. However, behind its extravagance, its character displays feature that makes it worth the price as it has the durability and strong resistance that is best for wedding bands and other high fashion jewellery.

However, platinum alone can’t make a great metal reflection for gorgeous jewellery which is why alloyed, copper, as well as cobalt are combined with this metal to give a surprising look. Furthermore, with the addition of other metals, its durability also increases.


When you talk about silver jewelleries sterling silver is the first thing that will come into your mind. This type of silver metal is composed of 92.5% of silver and 7.5 copper creating a more durable metal that can withstand deformations. However, although sterling silver is an excellent choice, it still holds some lapses such as tarnishing when not properly kept. Moreover, compared to other metals on the list, sterling is softer.

Base Metal

Base metals are commonly used to form some beautiful hammered pendants for your necklace. They are often composed of nickel, brass, iron, titanium and copper. However, behind its high durability, this type of metal can easily be oxidized and decayed, but its components still make a great hammered disc pendant for your customized jewellery.  


Same as platinum titanium has its remarkable hardness but, at its foremost putting all metals listed above on the lower place. Titanium has been leading as the best metal with its lightweight and excellent scratch-resistance. Also, it has simplicity when it comes in applying color. Moreover, titanium is also hypoallergenic, which makes them the best for body-piercings as well as surgical implants.

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