Five Trend-Setting Jewelry This 2020 – Infographic

Fabulously start your year by upgrading your sense of style, starting with the jewelry trends this 2020.

We’re very much aware of every woman’s fondness when talking about fashion, as it uplifts their lifestyle and helps in expressing their personality. Are you ready to wear the best in your collection for this year? Partner up your wardrobe with the most elegant jewelries as we impart five of the trend-setting jewels for 2020.

Touch of Nature

We use to see jewelry with shiny crystals and elegant shades of gold. However, as a new decade starts, the industry is setting trends that bring up the beauty of nature-inspired bijoux. The fashion industry, as we know it, will bring back the touch of life by working on elevating simple items into one of the most elegant and charming jewels on the runway. From shell parures necklace to brooches made out of woods and raffia earrings, many designers are drafting a completely diverse collection of fashion pieces of jewelry for 2020. 


This type of neck accessory has been leading the trend for a couple of years. From thinnest to thickest and its fabulous designs, chokers have been on the fashion industry for quite long. And, as a new decade starts to hit, chokers will surely have its place on the upcoming fashion trends. 

You wouldn’t love to miss wearing this gorgeous neck accessory together with your most beautiful outfits for any upcoming events this 2020, as it gives nothing but elegance by layering precious bijoux on your neck. 

Colorful Bijoux

You might get enough of collecting gold and silver inspired bijoux; well, guess the upcoming trend will surely catch your attention with its exceptional and mind-blowing designs. 

From floral-inspired beaded jewels of Ulla Johnson to the mismatched collection of Marc Jacobs, this year jewelry trend will surely blow you away with its entirely out of the box collection. Play with your outfits for the day, along with the fancy yet glamorous and colorful jewelry collection of 2020. 

Brightly Colored earrings

If you’re looking for something unusual but has the most admirable character, you’re probably looking for jewels with the most fabulous shades of rainbow. This year expects a more vibrant collection of fashion jewelry, particularly for earrings, as the industry aims to fill this decade with the lovely colors that will surely suit your sense of fashion. 

Gothic Initial Necklace

Gothic initial necklaces are usually crafted with the gorgeous shades of gold and silver, where you can eventually request any initial you want as its pendant. 

Apart from having a new set of personalized jewelry on your collection, this type of necklace is the perfect one if you’re looking for the best-personalized gift for your loved ones. And, with its perfectly edgy and exquisite character, the 2020 fashion industry will surely push through with initial gothic necklace as one of the trending jewels on the runway. 

Conclusion: Jewel doesn’t always need to be composed of precious materials to be valuable; the beauty and character it holds are what makes it praiseworthy. However, together with the trends are the bogus jewelry merchants; regardless if it’s for personal collection or gift, make sure to only settle for the most excellent customized jewelry maker in the Philippines. Visit our website at to learn more.



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