How to Choose the Perfect Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring?

As you decide to spend the rest of your life with the woman of your life, preparing for a proposal should be at its best. As such, it is important to have the finest details for your engagement ring – from the type of metal to its mount and stones.

There’s nothing more than seeing the happiest expression of your future spouse with the effort you have exerted to hear them say YES. Have the best choice for your engagement ring’s gemstone with the following tips on how to choose the perfect one:

Consider Your Plans and Proposal Theme

If you want it to be classy and durable better, go for a diamond.

While it remains traditional for engagement rings, its durability has gained so much attention in the market place up to now. Furthermore, you can also look after its cut, clarity, color, and carat to see which one has the best design and quality you might desire.

  • Its cut will stand for the diamonds luminosity and glow.
  • The clarity pertains to the blemishes or any imperfection regarding the quality of the stone.
  • Color refers to how bright its canary yellow color would be; the lighter the color, the higher the price.
  • Carat stands for the diamond’s gravity; the same as the color, the heavier the diamond is, the higher the value.

Look After Your Budget

For sure, you might think of proposing might be a little expensive, good thing there can be various gemstones you can choose to fit in your budget such as the sapphire.

A budget-friendly and glamourous gemstone that is what defines sapphire. Diamonds are not the only stone that has a high resistance to scratches because apart from having a wide range of hues, sapphire also has something to prove when it comes to long-lasting brilliance.

Have The Best One with The Finest Qualities

If you’re looking for something that can go with your partner’s daily lifestyle with exceptional beauty and can last for long, ruby or aquamarine might be the best for you. With the rate of nine and eight Mohs Scale, these two gemstones can stand daily wear.

Look for the Most Reliable Jewelry Store

Engagement rings are the type of items that will last for long and would be worn whenever and wherever you may be; this concept brings out the importance of choosing a jewelry store that can provide the finest qualities for your engagement ring.

If you’re looking for the best and jewelry store in the Philippines or are looking for the best engagement ring designs in the Philippines  don’t hesitate to check out Adeva Jewellery today! Contact us at (02) 655-08-76 or email us directly at 


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