Engagement Rings: Different Types to Consider – Infographic

There is nothing more wonderful than finally finding yourself wanting to settle everything down with the love of your life. However, things might not be that simple when it comes to preparing for your proposal. Taking into count that from its venue and theme to choosing the righteous engagement ring it should have that magical touch of your love.

On the other hand, although your jeweler may offer various kinds of engagements rings, there are certain factors and differences which are also important to consider.

Since it will symbolize the love you’ve invested for her, it is imperative to keep everything special and one of a kind. With all of those important factors to consider before settling for the best one, we have gathered some of them below.

Know more as we compiled various styles of engagement rings that can help you win her heart forever.


One of the most prominent design from then up to now, solitaire has stayed popular for many with its remarkable and elegant features. Its slim band highlights the beauty of any precious stones placed on its center. This may appear very simple, but with its classical beauty, it never fails to please any woman with a little grace and an overflowing polish.

This type of wedding ring is the best choice for a woman with a simple yet sophisticated taste and personality.


Halo is a kind of engagement ring that is very well known for its fabulous stones surrounding the ring, aside from the center stone. Its aesthetical structure would catch anyone’s attention as it shines pretty bright but not undue. The smaller size of stones covers the whole ring, creating a whole new level of glamour.

Best for someone who loves to captivate and loves shining shimmering jewelry.


This engagement ring is outstanding with its multiple stones. Various of remarkable designs and figures can be done which will definitely brighten up your special day.  Its lavish and stunning features can melt any heart.

A cluster engagement ring is advisable for those who loves extraordinary things with peculiar beauty.

Three Stone

It is famous for its three stones structure as it represents the past, present, and future. Same as the cluster trilogy can also be personalized. Its center stones can be combined with other precious stones, such as birthstones.

This one is a good choice for persons who wants to share both of their ideal plot with its design and flexible structure.

Side Stone

This one may confuse you as it looks just the same as a cluster; however, its stones arrangement holds a more distinct feature. Side stone engagement ring is composed of multiple stones on the sides of the center stone.

With its striking charm, any woman won’t hesitate to give their sweetest yes for you.

Conclusion: There may be a lot of options and markets with this kind of product; however only few are reliable, but with the best engagement ring manufacturer you can guarantee a worth investing for engagement rings that will surely be loved by your future lifetime partner.

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