Engagement Rings 101 – Mounts

Also known as engagement ring setting, mountings are the ones that emphasize the beauty of precious stones located on the center of the token of betrothal. It covers the top and base of the ring, even the actual foundation where the core of the stone takes place with an adjustable feature for a more secure and stable fit.

What’s good on its attributes is that it comes in exceptional and various designs which can definitely go with any bride’s personality. However, regardless of its peculiarity; whether simple or elegant, each mount must also be selected meticulously, as it holds the key factor of highlighting the magnificence of the gemstone.

Understand more of its kinds so you can pick the best for your loved ones, from the essential details below.

Prong Mount

Belongs to the most picked mounts, prong setting has been on the market since 1886. This type of setting is the best choice for someone who’s having a bigger size of the stone. Its basket-like structure with claws designed to hold and secure the diamond makes it much easier to be cleaned. Furthermore, for a good and desirable symmetry and safety of the stone better have it with a maximum of six prongs.

Pave Mount

This type of setting is designed for a glamorous engagement ring covered with precious stones. Its outstanding unique structure makes it the hottest topic on the marketplace for engagement rings. The setting is composed of small and one center prong to hold on the tiny stones as well as the main diamond.

Cluster Mount

Configured as a multiple stone holder particularly for semi-precious stones instead of diamonds and could come in a floral or butterfly structures that is what makes a cluster mount. Furthermore, it can also come in optional designs like surrounding small stones to highlight the center stone for a more elegant look.

 Cathedral Mount

This type of setting might appear very strange but is captivating as it mounts the diamond in an unusual position while it still displays an alluring appearance like no other. Named after how it appears, the cathedral mount is shaped the same as the arches on a cathedral. Its elegance has gained the attention of the market not only that it can go with round or princess cut diamonds but also because of its rare charm that will surely stand out on the crowd.

Bezel Mount

Unlike prong, this kind of setting is a little expensive but will surely work on holding the stone flawlessly. The bezel is composed of metal shaped to wrap on the stone’s side structure and make it a little bigger. Primarily known for its durability as it provides great protection for the diamond. All with a smooth surface, and causing less damage Bezel is a great choice for someone who’s looking for less hazardous and sustainable ring settings.

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