Wedding Rings 101 – Gemstones

One of the most admired and symbolic jewelry are the rings, particularly when it reflects the love of our romantic partners through the gemstones it has. The alluring shine and remarkable cuts and types of the precious stones settled as desired in each ring are what makes it more glamorous and eye-catching.

But, while classic stones such as the diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are primarily known in engagement rings, gemstones are also gaining ground in wedding rings.

However, while many are unfamiliar with the semi-precious stones, gemstones are already making its mark as an alternative for the precious once. Regardless if it is naturally formed or lab-grown, each piece has its own uniqueness and charm. Its beautiful features really are attractive but, since there could be a lot of ways to make replica’s, it is important that your very well aware of the quality, durability and Mohs scale, otherwise you’ll find yourself investing for a counterfeit product.

If you don’t have enough time to consult on your trusted jeweler with some essential data about particular famous gemstones, here are the four primary choices of brides with its key information:


While it is known for its vivid green appearance and as one of the first choices in engagement rings, emeralds are also making its way in wedding rings. Brides will surely love its unique and eye-pleasing brilliant features.

Emerald can reach up to 8 Mohs, which means it reaches the 8th degree of hardness in the Mohs hardness scale when at its best quality. Furthermore, it belongs in the class of beryl, a silicate mineral composed of beryllium and grows as an elongated crystal with six cross section.

Pink Morganite

Could be found primarily in Minas Gerais at Brazil and one of the prettiest, pink morganites are formed from a large type of crystals. Regardless of its rareness, this type of gemstones is already around the market place as it is one of the beloved stone by brides. 

Although it may not be as hard as the diamond, composed of beryl, it can be around 7.5 to 8 Mohs in scale. Quietly same as the emeralds.


This gemstone is known for its gorgeous blue color. Originally discovered in the 60s at Mount Kilimanjaro, this kind of gemstone stay rare and is heat-treated that produces a strong blue-violet color, with .5 to 7 on Mohs scale.


Aside from being equally precious like diamonds, sapphires are also more affordable. Its classic colors that could go in yellow, peach, and white can also match on the metal designs of your wedding rings, as it stands as the representation of everlasting love. With 9 Mohs scales, this type of gemstone is undeniably durable just like the ruby and emerald.

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