8 Timeless Wedding Rings to Inspire Your Own – Infographic

Preparing of the big day?

One of the most fascinating events in everyone’s life is the moment you got to walk on the aisle with the sweetest smile and take the vow with the love of your life. However, before you can get to enjoy all the celebration and relishes, you will likely experience severe stress and face lots of challenges during the planning process. That is why it is good to consult an expert about the nitty-gritty of your wedding so can establish an optimum decision for everything. 

Aside from your checklist, guest list, reservations, party, photographers, and outfits, one of the most important thing that would be the keepsake your marriage is your precious wedding ring. It is the only thing that will last after the flower and photos have faded. It would be the symbol of your eternal love with astonishing beauty, for it has no end or beginning perfectly circle and fit for the both of your finger ring.

Many are its types and kinds, but not all may please the both of you. As this event is all about your love for each other, it would be more pleasurable to choose a wedding ring with the finest designs and remarkable traits.

Here are some examples of timeless wedding rings to inspire your own:

D Shaped

If you’re looking for a simple yet classy and casual, this type of ring might suit you. It could come in yellow, white and rose gold. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of making it more personal, engraving messages or names could be possible. This would work so well if both of you wanted to have matching rings for the rest of your lovely life.


If you ever wanted it to typify more about the endless love flowing from both of you, an infinite shape of your wedding will surely suit your wants. Not only that it could also come it three colors of gold, but you can also decide whether to have it with alluringly sparkling diamonds. It stands as one of the resent trends because of its remarkable design.

Wishbone Diamond

For something more special and unique, wishbone-shaped wedding ring might be the best to be selected. With its seven scintillating diamonds that brought the elegance and glamour matching any engagement ring, there could be nothing that would make you look away. Same as the previous rings, it can also be in yellow, white and rose gold color.

Designer Diamond

Should your fondness be more exquisite and refined, this kind of wedding ring is capable of meeting your standards. This marvelous band, with its diamond twists that provides spectacular appearance no one can ever ignore it also comes in yellow, white and rose gold colors.

Court Shaped Satin Finish and Bright Channel

This exceptional design for a wedding ring may intrigue you with its satin finish that emphasizes the beauty of the bright-line at the center. With its unusual but eye-opening touch of design, it sets a whole lot of refinements for a wedding ring. Aside from white, yellow and rose gold colors it can also come in platinum and palladium.

Court Milgrain

If you’re looking for something that can splash your personality, silently extravagant with its minimal details of designs that make it more of a traditional one, Court Milgrains could the one.  It also projects fabulous shine, whether in platinum, yellow, white and rose gold colors.

Concave Diamond

Adorned with seven brilliant concave diamonds, this ring surely oozes with perfection. If you’re that someone who’s looking for a wedding band that will surely suit your perception of style as well as your personality. This could be the best choice for your groom as it also displays masculinity. This attractive band also comes in yellow, white and rose gold.

Round Diamond

How about a little different from a classic one with its gap and perfectly cut diamonds that brings out its remarkable aesthetics?  Something that’s merely different from traditional metal wedding rings, round diamond has made its image with its captivating unusual design that can come in three colors of gold, platinum, and palladium.

Preparing for your wedding isn’t about pleasing the guests but the event of blessing the bond of two lovers staying together for the rest of their life. Don’t rush on your decision making and choices so you can have the best. Jewelries really are fascinating, but if we’re talking about weddings; the process of selection might need a little touch of your own style and personality so it could suit you forever.

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