Wedding Ring 101: Metals

It’s either she said “yes” to you, or you accepted his wedding proposal, but what’s assured is that both the bride and the groom are excited to buy their wedding rings. Some tend to think more about the diamond they’ll use for their rings instead of the metal bands they’ll wear should the rings have them.

When buying a wedding band, one will need to think about not only about the wearer’s style but also the occupation of the one who’ll wear the ring. If you’re a traditional couple that leaves the purchase of the wedding ring to the bride, then the groom’s occupation will have to be taken into account when deciding what metal to use.

Gold and platinum aren’t the only metals available for wedding rings, and there is a large selection available for couples to choose from.

Yellow Gold

A yellow gold band is traditional and timeless. Both are durable and highly scratch-resistant. Gold rings can be sized and engraved. White gold’s affordability also makes it a popular choice. 

Traditional couples can opt for the timeless yellow gold metal bands that retained their popularity over the history of humankind. Gold has been popular due to its bright yellow color and the fact that it does not rust.

When using pure gold for wedding rings, they give off a beautiful shine and bright color.

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with other white metals such as palladium and silver. The result of the alloy is a beautiful polish and shine. White gold provides an excellent backdrop for diamonds. 

White gold rings are standardly plated with rhodium to give a brilliant white luster. Rhodium plating helps to protect the white gold band while also being hypoallergenic.

The rhodium plating, however, wears away over time, but replating is a simple enough process that can restore whiteness. The plating is optional and can be left out.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold mixed with copper that possesses a subtle and delicate color that intensifies over time. The copper-colored alloys are increased while the silver-colored ones are decreased.

The rose gold is similar to the white gold except only for its color.


Platinum is the rarest and most valuable of the precious metals on earth, which makes it more significant compared to gold when used for wedding bands.

Due to its rarity and greater value, platinum wedding bands are more expensive than gold ones, but their shiny white hue, weight, density, and strength make up for the investment. 

If you happened to receive a platinum ring that doesn’t match your finger’s size, you could have it resized to your measurement.

The rarity of the platinum led to its classification by King Louis of France in the 18th century as fit only for kings.


Palladium is a first cousin of the rare metal platinum, and it has many of the characteristics present in its more recognized relative. Palladium is tarnish-resistant, nickel-free, and more durable than white gold. While white gold requires a rhodium coating to show its luster, palladium doesn’t lose it in the first place, making it unnecessary to have a coating.

Should a couple want platinum but have no budget for it, they can resort to palladium since it is an affordable alternative to platinum.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is pure silver mixed with another metal to make it strong enough for jewelry. Silvers are popular since they’re classified as a precious metal while being the most inexpensive of such metals.

While affordable, it isn’t suited for those who do a lot of manual labor since it is one of the softer metals.

Sterling silver wedding bands can range from bright white to grayish-white. It can also have a matte or shiny finish.


Men who aren’t used to wearing shiny jewelry can comfortably wear the lightweight yet extremely durable titanium ring. Men who aren’t keen on wearing jewelry will find titanium to be suitable for them thanks to its darker color that doesn’t shine as much as other metals.

Titanium is also hypoallergenic, which makes it better for those who have sensitivities with wearing jewelry. You’ll, however, need to make sure that you get the size correctly since titanium bands can’t be resized.


Tungsten wedding bands are tough and durable, able to resist scratches and bends that precious metals would sustain. Tungsten wedding rings are made of a combination of tungsten and carbon known as tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide bands are weighty and tough, which makes it a favorite of mechanics and carpenters, and others who use their hands in similar jobs.

Stainless Steel

Wedding rings made from stainless steel are uncommon compared to those of the other metals because most people never considered using this metal. However, it is relatively durable, which lets it withstand scratches.

One advantage that stainless steel has to gold and silver is that it doesn’t gain smudges or stains, unlike gold and silver.

Stainless steel, while being stylish and modern, requires little maintenance which makes it attractive to men.

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