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Since engagement rings tend to be exceptional jewellery meant for the most special woman in a man’s life, people either save up or go out on loans to purchase the perfect ring. It is advisable to set a budget to follow to keep the man from losing too much money than needed. Going for cheaper doesn’t immediately mean getting a ring that looks worse.

If the woman you love loves a ring with a large diamond, you can opt to get a one-carat ring with a slightly larger table, giving off the illusion that it is bigger than it is while still being light and cheap. Since carat measures weight, a buyer might chance upon a one-carat ring slightly larger than a two-carat one. If the diamond has high clarity grading, you’re sure to get more for less without affecting the sparkle of the stone.

Partner’s Style

The engagement ring is for your partner, not you, which means that it needs to meet her style and preference. What ring is right for your significant other may depend on what type of clothing and accessories she wears. Women may prefer classic, modern, glamorous, or a mix of these in their style. Since you won’t be able to give the perfect surprise by asking her what she likes, it’s preferable to spy on her to get an idea of what she likes.

Paying attention to what jewellery she already wears can land you closer to what she likes for her engagement ring so you’ll have to know a thing or two about fashion.


The 4 Cs in choosing a diamond for your ring will come second to what shape you wish. There are ten shapes a diamond can be cut into with the round one being the most popular choice. Round diamonds make up 75% of all diamond purchases and thanks to the demand, they tend to be expensive. People can choose to have non-round shapes like the princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, pear cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut. You can save up to 40% when buying non-round diamonds.

Having the right shape to match the setting is key to getting the perfect ring.


Having a stone is incomplete without the proper setting. The setting connects the stone to the band, completing the ring.

Knowing the names of the different settings is a plus, but what’s more important is knowing the look and design style that your beloved is after. The setting dictates whether one large stone will be the ring’s focal point or if there’ll be a cluster or row of smaller stones.

Picking the right setting makes a diamond appear larger, sparkle more, or more striking, which makes matching the shape of the stone to the setting an essential thing to accomplish. A quality setting sets the ring’s tone.


The metal used for an engagement ring’s band affects the overall look of the ring. There was once only two types to choose from, yellow or white, but now there are others, including white gold, platinum, rose gold, and others.

It still depends on your beloved’s style when selecting the metal for the ring. If she loves more refreshing hues and silver-toned jewellery, platinum or white gold are excellent, if she opts for warmer tones then either yellow gold or rose gold will do.

Among the most popular choices are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with the last one rising in popularity. White gold and platinum may seem similar, but the latter is more durable and more expensive.

The bottom line is that what your significant other’s style is is the way to go.

Special pictures may fade, and their digital copies get corrupted, but the ring that you have will stay as the symbol of your love for your significant other. Knowing how to choose an engagement ring makes the item more special and suited for the girl you love.

People can purchase engagement rings anywhere now, including malls and online stores in the list of markets, but not all of them can provide the quality ring you need. You still need to get the vendor with the expertise to guide you in choosing the right one for your special lady. Get your engagement ring from a certified and accredited jeweler.

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