Here are the Things You Need to Know About Wedding Rings!

Aaah, the wedding ring, the symbol of eternal love and marriage. When it holds this much significance, wouldn’t you want a ring that perfectly embodies you and your partner’s style? After all, you’ll be wearing those bands for a lifetime. But before you go shopping for that perfect ring, you may want to read about these frequently asked wedding ring questions couples have. We’ve asked Adeva Jewellery, a local premium jewelry brand specializing in engagement and wedding rings, to help us answer them. Read up on what they had to say–you never know, their answers may just help you pick out the perfect ring!

1. Should you go ring shopping together?

Yes, why not! It’s not a requirement, nor is it taboo. If ever you do decide to go ring shopping together, here’s a little tip for you: To make things easier for both you and your partner, consider narrowing the choices down to two or three rings, and then have your future fiancé make the final decision.

2. What hand should the wedding ring be on?

Traditionally, the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. Wondering why that finger specifically? Though not medically backed by science, the belief is that the Latin word “Vena Amoris” or “the vein of love” runs directly from the fourth finger to the heart. Romantic, right?

3. Do wedding rings have to match?

It all comes down to preference. Tradition states that the wedding bands should match, though there is no set-in-stone rule that says it has to be this way. Nowadays, you’ll notice that more and more couples have rings that do not match–with the groom’s usually being more simple and basic, with the bride’s being more detailed and elaborate. Here are some beautiful pairs you can choose from Adeva Jewellery.

4. How early should you have the rings made?

It all depends on how simple or how detailed you want your rings to look, or on the jeweler’s timeline. If you want custom bands, the whole process will usually take at least four to six weeks. If you’re having your rings engraved, it may take a little longer until they’ll be ready.

5. How do you know if the jewelry is of good quality?

The first thing to consider is the type of metal being used. Make sure that the metal is genuine and not mixed with any low-grade metal fillers (like nickel, for example). It’s also important that the jewelry is first sterilized so that you can wear it without worry. Next, observe if it has a mirror finish. Besides looking shiny and beautiful, the mirror finish–without the roughness and imperfections–gives you the assurance that the jewelry you’re wearing is kind to your skin–because remember, you’ll be wearing those rings for a lifetime!

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