How to Store Your Jewellery Properly? – Infographic

Storing your jewellery properly takes a big role in its lifespan. Be it fashion jewellery, silver, or gold, taking care of how you store them can ensure they last long. Fine jewellery requires maintenance and proper care. When not in use, proper storage can extend the life of your precious gems, keeping your treasures dazzling as gorgeously as the moment you first got them.

Here are some tips to make sure your collection pieces will last long without the risk of tarnishing:

Clean your jewellery before storing

Before knowing how to store your jewellery properly, it is important that you clean them first. Keep in mind that sweat will change the color of your jewellery and make them look older than they really are. Wipe off all the sweat before storing them.

You can also clean your jewellery with warm water, mild liquid soap and soft brush in a glass bowl. Dry it thoroughly before storing it back. One could use precious metal polishing cloth to remove tarnish.

Use airtight boxes or zip locks

Store your jewellery in an airtight box or zip lock individually to prevent them from scratching to each other. By keeping them in airtight boxes or pouches, the natural polish of your pieces will be preserved for a longer time.

For pearls and other similar gems, you can store them in cloth-lined jewellery boxes or keep them wrapped in a soft fabric to maintain the shine and quality of pearls.

Use anti-tarnish paper

While storing your jewellery, it would be better and more ideal to wrap each piece in anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass cloth. By doing so, the shine of each piece will be maintained and preserved as well.

Keep away from extreme exposure to heat and light 

Gemstones and other jewellery materials can be very sensitive to heat and light. This can cause discoloration or fading if they are stored in a place that is very open.

Always put on your jewellery last when dressing up

Put your jewellery on yourself lastly, as a finishing touch. It should be after you fix your hair, put on make up, and dress up for work or for an event. You should even spray perfume and apply lotion first before wearing them.

This is because some of the ingredients found on these cosmetics could cause damage to your delicate pieces.

Learning how to store jewellery is essential for everybody—be it for collectors or for those who like to wear them. For one thing, fragile metals and stones need to be protected from many external factors. And more importantly, neatly storing everything makes it much easier to remember what you own and quickly find it when you need it. 

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