Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition – Infographic

Regardless of its design, a number of stones, type of setting, or diamond shape and cut – every wedding rings are magnificent on their own. More than just being mementos of memories and experiences the couple has shared before the marriage; wedding rings also hold new stories and the commitment to go through life together – regardless how the end of each chapter might end up looking like.

The significance of wedding rings is just so heavy that you would want to keep it in pristine condition always – and possibly be able to hand it down to your children or grandchildren in the future. To help you just, we detail in this infographic some simple tips that can extend the shine and sparkle of your prized wedding rings.

Clean it Regularly

You will likely be wearing your wedding ring every day, so it will inevitably accumulate dirt and oil from your skin over time. To avoid that residue from building up in the crevices of your ring, you should give your ring a quick and gentle scrubbing once every two weeks.

You can use warm water and mild dishwashing liquid as a cleaning agent and a soft toothbrush to agitate the dirt buildup. You can also opt for a more thorough cleaning by bringing it to your jeweler once every six months.

Have it Checked By Your Trusted Jeweller

If there’s any other person who can help keep your wedding rings in pristine condition, that is your trusted jeweler. Their expertise can help identify potential issues in your ring, which might need immediate attention, such as loose settings, worn metal, broken prongs, and bent rings. Plus, you can also ask for some DIY tips on how to clean your rings at home!

Take It Off When Needed

While your wedding ring is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear, there will be circumstances where it would be better to take them off.

Such a situation includes washing the dishes, which will not only expose your ring from grease, but you might also accidentally drop it down the drain if it slips your slippery finger. Other activities where you want to keep your wedding ring in a safe and secure place include working out, attending the garden, and swimming.

Store Your Diamond Jewels Separately

In relation to the previous point, it is ideal that you store your wedding rings separately even if you will only be taking them off for a short time. Storing jewelry together can cause scratches to the metal band and stone, especially if there’s a diamond ring in the mix.

Get it Insured  

Your wedding ring definitely cost you some serious money, so it’s only right that you protect them by getting them covered with comprehensive insurance. Doing so will save you from any financial stress in case it gets severely damaged or lost.

Most insurance providers will also be able to replace your lost or damaged wedding ring with the same kind and quality – so you will not have a hard time finding a replacement piece in the market.

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